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Company Introduction.

Marminova is a creative consulting startup based from the heart of Lahore, Pakistan with the focus of helping businesses get creative & innovative such our clients success becomes a reason to our success.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to help businesses expand by building products, and coaching them in the creative space such that they grow their businesses.

Our Proposal.

Helping businesses generate creative ideas.

Why Choose Us.

  • + We help businesses innovate.
  • + Our team knows how to build things people love.
  • + Our team is passionate, diverse and willing to be creative.
  • + We provide tailor made solutions.
  • + Our knowledge, and experience is our Unique Selling Point.

Our Services

We provide Amazing Solutions

Jobifi is a Job Aggregator made for sharing Job posts with the concept of simplifying sharing jobs for companies based in Pakistan.

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Get the latest news from the technology arena, and stay updated with what is happening in the tech sector.

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We are building other products. If you are interested in any of our services, check the services section.

Services we offer

Our Services

We provide Amazing Solutions

Want to build a software, but not sure of the process. We can help you with building the process of outsourcing the product development, the documentation of the product and building the business case for the product.
We help companies by coaching and training them on different domains including Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability, Human Resource, Intrapreneurship, Product Managementand Other business verticals to help your business flourish. The prime reason for a creative session is to increase profitability of your business, being competitive and creative.
Consulting is a field which requires knowledge, and experience. At Marminova, we provide business consultancy, startup consultancy, business model consulting, Marketing consultancy, sustainability consultancy and human resource consultancy.
Product Management for every product is a lifecycle which deals with the planning, forecasting, documentation, production and marketing of a product. We provide Product Management services for all the stages of a product. We specialize in documentation and also creating a go-to market strategy.
We can help you process the data you have and create beautiful, easy to understand, professional reports based on an analysis of the numbers given to us. An example can be social media number crunching, Financial analysis, etc.

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